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Industrial-suited welding depth measurement with the KeyholeFinder

Industrial-suited welding depth measurement with the KeyholeFinder

The KeyholeFinder in combination with fixed optics optimizes the measurement and control of the welding depth for industrial use. In particular, the alignment process of the IDM measuring spot to the high-power laser spot has been quite demanding. The measuring spot must be adjusted exactly to the keyhole opening with a positioning accuracy of less than 50 μm.

In addition to an opto-mechanical design that ensures the motorized movement of the IDM measuring spot, a user-friendly and intuitive software has been developed. The IDM measuring spot position can be adjusted in just a few steps to the keyhole position by means of the commissioning wizard. The control of the KeyholeFinder as well as the Precitec IDM itself are installed in a compact cabinet.

Due to the use of precise linear drives and a special optical concept, the position can be kept permanently stable. Long-term drifts and temperature drifts, as known from conventional galvo scanners, are excluded by the robust structural design. Mechanical tolerances, drift, temperature effects and other inaccuracies do not significantly affect the positioning accuracy.

  • 自主的過程測量系統
  • 非接觸式測量
  • 減少破壞性的零件測試
  • 易於整合至現有的機器內
  • 緊湊的設計
  • 成熟的感測器技術
  • 取樣速率:達到70 kHz
  • 測量範圍:大約10 mm
  • 與外部設備同步:觸發器輸入端、同步輸出端、編碼器
  • 介面:網路,RS-422,2x模擬埠(0-10V)
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