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Glass industry

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...the sensors of the CHRocodile family measure the thickness and topography of glass of any color or surface structure. Application areas are extremely multifaceted here. CHRocodile sensors have become the industry standard in wall strength measurement of glass containers in inspection machines, gauge measurement of display glass and pipe glass. Even circular deviations of bottles, the wall strength of hot quartz pipes or function foil in pre-fabricated sandwiched layers can be easily determined. The sensor does not even get too hot at glass temperatures of 1,700 °C.

CHRocodile M4
在玻璃容器的生產上,非接觸式地測量壁面強度的高速度和圓度是特別重要的。CRocodile M4感測器最多可以有四個整合式的測量頭,它可以在測試樣品的不同位置上完成每秒4000次測量量。由於不會磨損的測量頭的高性能,甚至測量非圓形物品。由於光點的尺寸以直徑來看僅為幾百分之一毫米,所以即使是玻璃裡最小的失誤也能發現。之後無需再進行任何校準。由於最高的精確度,這些感測器確保了高品質並可靠的測量,無論是在線上的高溫環境或低溫環境、在實驗室和離線模式下都是一樣。CHRocodile M4感測器是玻璃工業的標準配備。



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