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Micro machining
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Laser cutting in micro machining

The laser cutting in micro machining, mechanically and thermally very stable machine concepts with precision axes are used. Accuracies in the micrometer range with kerfs from 10 microns are state of the art technology today. Typical applications include the laser cutting of lattice structures such as stents for the medical industry or of the smallest micromechanical components made of high-quality stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and ceramics for the watch industry and precision engineering. The laser cutting heads must be suitable for continuous wave operation with solid-state lasers as well as for various frequency-multiplied laser wavelengths in the ultra-short pulse range. Smallest spot diameters require a diffraction-limited optical design with the finest adjustment possibilities and corresponding optical positioning aids with integrated camera technology.

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無毛邊切割的極小切割間隙最大至10 µm
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