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Flatbed cutting (2D)
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Laser cutting heads for flatbed systems (2D)

Flatbed cutting or 2D cutting is the most widely used application in laser cutting. Standard machines are equipped with three axes: two positioning axes for traversing the desired cutting contour and a Z-axis for adjusting the distance between the workpiece and the cutting head. In addition to conventional CO2 lasers cutting systems, predominantly fiber-guided solid-state lasers (fiber lasers and disk lasers) are used as the beam source. 2D laser cutting systems process flat materials of various thicknesses made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metals with great dynamics and high cutting speeds. In particular, small and medium lot sizes are produced with superior cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Precitec offers customized solutions for all requirements and machine concepts for laser cutting. This gives Precitec worldwide recognition as a leader in cutting heads, distance sensors and process monitoring.

Typical applications of laser cutting: 

Laser cutting of thin sheets, e.g. magnetic and dynamo sheets will reach cutting speeds of over 140m/ min and accelerations of up to 10g. Precitec cutting heads exceed these requirements clearly and convince by permanent stable operation.

Fusion cutting of stainless steel and aluminum up to a thickness of 50mm as well as flame cutting of mild steel up to a thickness of 50mm are possible to cut with laser powers of up to 15 kW. 
These metal thicknesses was previously reserved for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. Precitec laser cutting heads fulfill all necessary requirements for this purpose - from performance stability through the focus adjustment range to integrated process monitoring and control.

Product recommendation
ProCutter 2.0 – 全新一代雷射切割頭
Cutting Head ProCutter 2.0



LightCutter 2.0 Motorized - the new generation of efficient cutting heads
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To the Product
HP1.5″ / HP1.5″ M 切割頭
  • 適用於較小的光束直徑
  • 經由匣式系統可快速變換焦距
  • 電機驅動或手動的焦點位置調整
  • 整合式過程監控
CM2″ 切割頭
  • 經由匣式系統可快速變換焦距
  • 適用於較大的光束直徑
  • 模組化設計
  •  在任何工作溫度下始終保持恆定高速的切割速度
  •  適用於較小的焦距
  •  模組化設
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