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we will be there. What about you? Visit us at the 20th European symposium focusing on laser-based processes for the future of car bodies in Bad Nauheim, Germany!


We wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Even in 2018 we are glad to hand over a piece of our success to regional charitable institutions and organizations. In this regard, Precitec handed out a donation of 10,000 euros for the city of Gaggenau and the children’s hospice in Karlsruhe.  At the city of Gaggenau the donation supports…

Due to his particularly narrow contour the new LightCutter 3D now masters complex cuts on pipes, profiles and free-formed parts with an angle of inclination of up to 45°.  Depending on the application, it is also possible to equip the LightCutter 3D  with the automated adjustment of the…

The new ProCutter Zoom 2.0 is the ultimate all-round cutting head. Due to its maximum laser power of 12 kW and its magnification range from 1.2 to 4.0, it generates the perfect beam for highest quality in all materials in all thicknesses. Plus, both our technology packages PierceTec and EdgeTec are…

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