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Today is the day - our website is "responsive" now. This means that you can also view the optimum format of the homepage on your tablet or smart phone. The handling is now much easier, user-friendly and state-of-the-art. Let’s have a look, visit us and see the new features and design!

Once again this year, we are welcoming new trainees. Today, the 2 new trainees from Neu-Isenburg also attended the official welcome and introductions in Gaggenau for the first time. The initial introductions during the morning were followed by a kind of sports event. The team training demanded and…

Endoprotheses with their sometimes very complex, multiply curved geometries would pose major problems for many traditional measuring machines.

Watch this Video: The CLS line sensor is especially suitable for non-contact 3D inspection of turbine blades. Because its optical probes can easily be exchanged, a wide bandwidth with respect to resolution, pixel size, number of measured Points, and duration of measurement can be…

Here we are again - with Girls‘Day just around the corner. This time, 6 girls had been invited to gain an insight into the profession of "Electronic engineer for devices and systems". The day began with a round of introductions. The Training Manager, Mr. Michael Lorenz, then presented…

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