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PCB-Separation: Controlling ultrashort pulse laser using chromatic-confocal sensors (Depanelling Systems)

Neu-Isenburg, 5.9.2016

When chips are disassembled, a process known as depaneling, precision down to the micrometer is required in both processing and positioning. The depanelling system, built by iC-automation, meets this challenge with a combination of confocal optical measuring sensors and an ultrashort pulse laser made by TRUMPF.

Link Laser Community - The Laser Magazine from TRUMPF.

3D Surface Measuring Machine (Profilometer)

3D Surface Measuring Machines (Profilometer)

Neu-Isenburg (Germany), 4.7.2016

How does the 3D measurement of electronic components work? At first glance, the measuring machines used here look like their relatives from the mechanical world, the high-end coordinate measuring machines. Yet much is different and it starts with the name: We speak of 3D surface measurement systems for microelectronics or microsystems technology, for precision engineering or for the tool industry; and the all-rounders among these can offer several sensor systems. Optical sensors are taking over the lion’s share of the measuring tasks.

Up to four different measuring systems can be found on the sensor carriers of the cyberTECHNOLOGIES 3D surface measurement machines.

Application Story



Ultrashort-Puls Laser Depaneling of Assembled Circuit Boards

Depaneling circuit boards by means of stamping, mechanical sawing or milling there is a risk of traces of smoke covering the cutting surfaces. This is a sign of thermal stress and high temperatures. Sensitive components can thereby be harmed. Ultrashort-pulse laser systems are prove to be a good alternative. Highly accurate CHRocodile sensors are used to control the focusing of height of the laser for optimal depaneling using ultrashort laser pulses.


Ultrakurzpulslaser in der Nutzentrennung
(Article, German)

LASER 01/16  (Trade Magazine, German)

Contactless 3D measurement with latest multi-point sensors

Heye International’s Mark Ziegler and Gerd Schütz discuss the importance of wall thickness measurement in the high speed manufacture of lightweight glass containers and the use of Chrocodile chromatic confocal sensors from Precitec Optronik GmbH in Heye cold end inspection machines.

Contactless 3D measurement with latest multi-point sensors



[Translate to japanisch:] Medizintechnik: Wandstärke von Ballonkathetern messen

[Translate to japanisch:] Ballone und dünnwandige Schläuche (das eigentliche Ausgangsprodukt für Ballonkatheter) lassen sich formbedingt nicht von der Innenseite her messen. Die Wandstärke kann daher von außen über mechanische Verfahren nur geschätzt oder gemittelt werden. Einen Ausweg bietet die berührungsfreie Messtechnik. Dabei ist die Dickenmessung erst der Anfang, denn die Systeme leisten noch mehr.


Precitec Optronik: Berührungsfreie Messtechnik auf der MEDTEC, Stand 7A63

(21.-23. April 2015, Neue Messe Stuttgart)


Produktlink: Der optische Sensor CHRocodile SE


Ausgabe 2/2015 Web-Beitrag: "medizin&technik"

[Translate to japanisch:] Interferometrische Messtechnik für die berührungsfreie Dickenmessung an Kunststoffen

[Translate to japanisch:] Völlig neue Messmöglichkeiten ergeben sich durch die interferometrische Messtechnik für die Dickenmessung an Kunststoffen - speziell für die für Kunststoffe überaus wichtigen Materialeigenschaften wie Schichtdicke und Struktur. Ihr großer Vorteil: Sie eignet sie sich fast für alle Kunststoffe, seien sie nun transparent oder opak.


Berührungslose Dickenmessung von Kunststoffen


Nov 2014 - Zeitschrift "Quality Engineering" - 11/2014

Laser surface modifications at Tata Steel

In the manufacture of steel strip work, components have to perform in exceptionally aggressive environments and withstand service at high temperatures in corrosive atmospheres under mechanical wear and frequent and heavy impact loading. Conventionally, components that are subject to high wear or corrosion have often been manufactured from rich chemistry steels or hardfaced using submerged arc clad martensitic stainless steels (MSSs) to increase their service life and therefore maximize line throughput by extending maintenance intervals without any sacrifice to product quality.

Laser welding / laser cladding / YC52

Sep / Oct 2013 - magazine "Industrial Laser Solutions"

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