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 CHRocodileファミリーのセンサーで、あらゆる色彩や表面構造のガラス厚みやトポグラフィーを測定します。 投入範囲はその際、とても広範となります。 ガラス容器の壁厚測定、ディスプレイガラスやガラスパイプの厚み測定検知器には、CHRocodileセンサーは工業水準となりました。 ボトルの真円偏差、熱したクオーツチューブの厚み、あるいは完成したサンドイッチ構造の機能層間の間隔も簡単に測定することができます。 温度1700 °Cのガラスでも、センサーにはまったく問題ありません。

CHRocodile CLS
Quality control of welded seams

Laser welded seam beads can be measured with Precitec Optronik distance sensors. Here high resolution 3D profiles can be created.

CHRocodile 2 IT HTW
Geometric measuring in quality assurance of precision components for the automobile industry

Precision components in automotive technology are, for example, electronically controlled driver assistance systems (DAS) and their steering angle, speed, acceleration and yaw sensors. When assessing the quality of these DAS systems, contact-free optical sensors measure geometries (e.g. the installation depth of ball bearings) in constricted environments or also through narrow openings in the component. Tactile systems have difficulties here, are slower or fail because the measuring points are difficult to reach. 

CHRocodile CLS
Dashboard – predetermined airbag breaking point

Passenger safety involves inspecting the predetermined breaking point of airbags in the dashboard. The dimensions of these gaps can be determined with a contact-free sensor. This involves determining in a non-destructive way whether the dashboard is sufficiently weakened at this point by these gaps in order to ensure that the airbag works. 

3D form tests of sophisticated automotive components in the manufacturing cycle

Quality assurance of complex assemblies, such as headlight modules or panoramic sunroofs, is challenging because here transparent surfaces alternate with reflective or matt surfaces. Laser-based measuring systems using the triangulation principle have great difficulties with these surfaces, tactile measuring sensors cannot measure on the move and are normally too slow for measuring during manufacture.

Chromatic confocal sensors can measure on the move and also record layer thickness in transparent materials in addition to spacing information. Thus all surfaces that are challenging to measure can be measured without prior preparation. All measuring points to be recorded on vehicle headlights or panoramic sunroofs for quality assurance during manufacture can be taken reliably both by portal systems and also by 6 axle robots because of compact measuring probes.

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CHRocodile CLS
Measuring gaps in automobile headlights

Automobile headlights today are located in large, transparent headlight housings that are an important design component of the vehicle. They are mainly free form areas which must be manufactured very accurately because clearances in vehicles are considered a quality feature. The contours of headlight housings can be measured very accurately with a line sensor CHRocodile CLS. Even new light units installed in them, which are known as matrix LED or multibeams, can be measured with line sensors.

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