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Contact-free sensors working with optical measuring systems...

... are widely used in tool shops. Here accuracy counts as nowhere else. If the tool is not right the manufactured parts will always be defective. Precitec Optronic sensors measure surface properties, such as roughness, with the greatest possible accuracy. The measuring heads that operate contact-free can also not be confused with reflective or shiny metallic surfaces. In precision processing, Precitec sensors control laser systems with an accuracy of a few microns. Special measuring systems for the precision industry link chromatic confocal measuring systems with camera systems, as is required in the clock industry.

CHRocodile CLS
Roller engraving

Topography measurements are performed significantly faster with the line sensor CHRocodile CLS line sensor. Thus engravings on rollers (the area of the individual engraving points) can be determined in this way. Graphic and three-dimensional patterns on embossing rollers or plates can be inspected. 

CHRocodile S / SE
Testing grinding tools

Grinding tools are regularly conditioned when manufacturing gear wheels for gearboxes. This include profiling, sharpening and cleaning processes that can be tested using roughness measurements of truing tools. Roughness measurements of the sides of truing discs can be performed with Precitec Optronik sensors. Tools coated with abrasive grain materials (e.g. quarz, corundum, diamonds) are scanned optically with white light with a chromatic confocal distance sensor without any contact being made. Truing tools are often more expensive to manufacture than traditional grinding tools. Diamond is a grain material because it has the highest wear resistance. The height fluctuations of the truing coatings are recorded by a Precitec Optronik sensor and displayed as a roughness profile.

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CHRocodile S / SE
Paint layer thicknesses on deep-drawn components

Paint layer thicknesses and the differences in thickness of layers on deep-drawn components can be measured with the CHRocodile S /SE sensor. Therefore this is important because after deep drawing the layer thickness of the previous applied paint layer may vary in distorted areas.

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