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Ingénierie mécanique
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In mechanical engineering special machines...

... are often used for special applications in which distance and thickness sensors are used. This always involves a high level of precision with different component sizes and materials. When processing materials the cutting tool can be controlled by Precitec sensors. With laser joints the welding depth, a critical seam property parameter, is checked by a distance measuring device.

CHRocodile 2 IT HTW
Ultrashort pulse laser control in depanelling machines

With distance measurements using confocal sensors, parameters that enable the use of ultrashort laser cutting machines in laser-based depanelling can be monitored precisely. Basically, this measuring system is somewhat more reliable than common, laser-based triangulatory procedures in this area of use. Even confocal measuring systems work just as well on surfaces to be encountered here, such as gold, conductor material and solder resist unlike other optical procedures. Even self-reflecting surfaces cannot harm them. Measuring the Z axis is necessary for the cutting process itself: A contact-free confocal height measurement with an accuracy of 4 μm is used to adjust the focus of the ultrashort pulse laser.

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