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CHRocodile MPS 96

CHRocodile MPS 96

CHRocodile MPS 96

The optical multi point sensor MPS 96 from Precitec Optronik offers 96 channels for measuring wall thickness of transparent objects. Due to the contact-free measuring technology, the MPS 96 is advantageous over tactile measuring probes, since neither the optical probe nor the measured material can be damaged.

With 10 mm measuring range and only 8mm in diameter the compact pen-probe is ideally suited for operating in measuring machines. By using a large number of probes simultaneously, the measuring time for large surfaces can be reduced drastically compared to conventional point sensors.

With this, the MPS 96 makes quality control of for instance windshields or other large-scale flat glasses more rapid and precise, leading to a significant reduction in production time and costs.

  • Contact-free measurement of thickness and distance
  • Up to 96 simultaneous measurements
  • Up to 2000 measurements/s per channel
  • Measuring large surfaces quickly
  • Replaces tactile probes
    • Number of channels: 96
    • Measurements/second: 4000 (48 channels), 2000 (96 channels)
    • Compact probe for MPS96: 8 mm diameter, 10 mm measuring range, 20 mm working distance
    • Synchronisation with external devices: Trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 Encoder inputs
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