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CHRocodile 2 DPS

CHRocodile 2 DPS

CHRocodile 2 DPS

The CHRocodile 2 DPS chromatic confocal sensor is equipped with two independent channels that enable simultaneous evaluations from both channels at the full measurement rate. An embedded processor in the CHRocodile controller uses signals from the individual channels, synchronizes the data, and gives out the result of thickness or step height measurements immediately. Thus the CHRocodile 2 DPS is the ideal fit for two-sided thickness measurements of non-transparent or rather thick materials that exceed the measuring range of one single optical probe. Finally, the CHRocodile 2 DPS is a cost-efficient solution, since it replaces two individual sensor units.

  • Replaces and combines two individual sensors
  • Two-sided thickness and step height measurements
  • Measuring rate per channel up to 10 kHz
  • Auto-adapt light function
  • Compatible with all chromatic confocal probes
  • Measurements/second: 32 - 10000 per channel
  • Interface: Ethernet, RS-422
  • 3 x 10-6 x upper measuring range limit
  • Repeatability: 9 x 10-5 x upper measuring range limit
  • Synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 encoder inputs
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