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FineCutter System

FineCutter System

The FineCutter system with integrated camera monitoring is used for micro applications with laser power up to 500 W. The high beam quality of the beam source and the image quality of the optics are requirements for manufacturing parts with complex geometry the keep getting smaller. Die clearance widths of 10 micrometers were still unimaginable a few years ago - today, it is state of the art technology at Precitec.

Configuration examples:
FineCutter System
FineCutter for flatbed systems
  • burr-free cutting even with complex 3D components
  • online monitoring of cutting processes via a camera
  • integrated, adjustable lighting for solid-state laser applications
  • integrated vertical adjustment and mirror beam bender
  • faster protective glass change
  • lens is adjustable under pressure
  • also suitable for UKP laser
  • max. laser power: 500 W 
  • wave lengths: 1,064 nm
  • focal lengths: 50, 80, 125 mm 
  • max. free aperture: 16 mm
  • vertical adjustment: +0.5 / -2.5 mm
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