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All-In-Light - The complete optical chain solution

Precitec, an innovator and pioneer, has been recognized for more than 40 years as the market leader for laser material processing heads. Accompanied with our expertise on laser cutting, we now present a complete solution for the complete optical chain. All-In-Light is a complete optical chain solution that includes a highly reliable disk laser power source, a cutting head with optional features, a high quality fiber optic cable with no need for splicing, and a complete all in one servicing package provided by Precitec.

Precitec Laser Power Source (1 kW – 12 kW)
The industrial use of disk lasers has been established and sustains a formidable reputation for reliability, ease of use, and operational cost-efficiency. All-In-Light is built upon the foundation of the disk laser, which merits our customers’ highly consistent performance and extremely low maintenance requirements. Employing a proven technology allows Precitec to develop processing tools, like EdgeTec, that give our customers an absolute competitive advantage.

EdgeTec – The technological package for brilliantly cut edges
EdgeTec package is more than an enhanced ProCutter. This technology delivers high speeds and superb quality in a more broad range of material thicknesses that envelop most job shop or production environment applications. Incorporating EdgeTec will enable your machine to process materials of less than 1 mm and as thick as 30 mm with superb edge quality. EdgeTec can produce roughness values of less than 100µm with high perpendicularity for the entirety of the cut edge. EdgeTec’s unique capability is that this standard can be seen in a wide thickness range for steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals, without ever changing optics or the head. This is a bold advantage.

PierceTec – Improving the process of Piercing
Piercing becomes automatic with the use of PierceTec as well. PierceTec completely optimizes your piercing quality and duration by actively sensing feedback signals and utilizing a parameter library relative to your material type. By employing both processing features developed by Precitec, you will greatly improve both your quality and cutting time. These technological advantages are made possible by the robust platform and functionality of the ProCutter.



Our service for your productivity
Maintenance is provided solely by Precitec and there is comfort in knowing that 80% of the time it can be performed without onsite work, thanks to integrated remote access. If a service call is required, Precitec can promptly dispatch service engineers who have access to a complete inventory of spare parts. Our aim is to globally support you throughout the entire process. 

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