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FineCutter for flatbed systems

FineCutter for flatbed systems

FineCutter for flatbed systems

The FineCutter that is integrated in a flatbed system with a small X/Y table provides a compact solution for cutting various materials in the area of thin sheet metal. Fast and highly precise, without great setting times, prototypes and small series can be produced at affordable prices. Application areas are the watch and jewelry industry, medical and precision technology. Highly-reflective materials like gold, brass or silver can be processed with solid-state lasers.

Configuration examples:
FineCutter System
FineCutter for flatbed systems
  • burr-free cutting of very small clearances of up to 10 µm
  • faster protective glass change
  • lens is adjustable under pressure
  • suitable for UKP lasers
  • max. laser power: 500 W
  • wave lengths: 1,064 nm 
  • focal lengths: 50, 80, 125 mm
  • max. free aperture: 16 mm
  • vertical adjustment: +0,5 / -2,5 mm
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