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Welding head YW30 - basic model

Welding head YW30 - basic model

The compact welding head is used for all system with fiber-guided solid-state lasers of medium power with small aspect ratio. The modularity makes it easier to adjust the configuration to the respective application and the die space. The head is very affordable in our basic model. It can be supplemented for use in fully-automated manufacturing with different process monitoring modules.

Configuration examples:
Welding head YW30 - basic model
Welding head YW30 - Fully equipped
Welding head YW30 - angled variation
  • for all solid-state lasers with high beam quality
  • for high laser power
  • stable process guidance via high-quality optics
  • optics are protected from dirt
  • expandable with process monitoring
  • max. laser power: 6 kW
  • collimation focal lengths: 55 mm (NA ≤ 0.22), 75 mm (NA ≤ 0.17), 100 mm (NA ≤ 0.14), 125 mm (NA ≤ 0.11)
  • focusing focal lengths: 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm
  • weight: 2 to 5 kg, depending on model
  • dimensions (standard module): 50 x 50 mm (edge measurement)
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