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Cladding head YC52 - basic model

Cladding head YC52 - basic model

Cladding improves wear resistance and corrosion characteristics of a component or a component area. Therefore, the compact and solid cladding head YC52 is intended for fiber-guided laser in the medium to high powered range. Areas of application are e.g. repair welding of tools, turbine blades or casting molds, tempering of surfaces as well as generation of structures in tool, automotive and airplane manufacturing.

Configuration examples:
Cladding head YC52 - basic model
Cladding head YC52 - different nozzle concept
Cladding head YC52 - angled variation
  • for all solid-state lasers with high beam quality
  • for high laser power
  • track widht adjustment via manual or motorized focus adjustment
  • cladding in vertical and horizontal positions
  • high process reproducibility through precise adjustment of laser and powder jet
  • expandable with process monitoring
  • optics are protected from dirt
  • max. laser power: 6 kW (according to application and nozzle used)
  • work distance: 12 to 14 mm (24 mm at 250 mm focus length)
  • NAmax: 0.20 at FC100, NAmax: 0.11 at FC200
  • min. powder focus diameter: 0.7 mm (annual nozzle), 2.0 mm (4-beam nozzle)
  • track width: depending on the laser power and defocusing of the laser beam possible up to 6 mm
  • weight: approx. 5.5 kg
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