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WeldMaster Track off-axis

WeldMaster Track off-axis

WeldMaster Track off-axis

The so-called Scheimpflug or off-axis configuration is beneficial with robot applications or machines for welding large-scale components. The camera is integrated along the illumination unit into a dedicated housing, which is mounted to the welding head or to the machine frame in the process area. There are three different Scheimpflug cameras to choose from, depending on the standoff distance and resolution required. As a rule, axes designed specifically for fine positioning control the welding head, the control signal of the WeldMaster Track system delivers the time-critical signals for this process. The Scheimpflug configuration allows the camera system to have a very large working range towards the profile line and produces a better image quality than the coaxial configuration. The WD55 LED camera can be used to detect a zero gap. The standoff distance on this camera is correspondingly smaller and must be kept constant.

Configuration examples:
WeldMaster Track
WeldMaster Track coaxial
WeldMaster Track off-axis
  • high-precision position detection and control
  • gap measurement with zero gap detection
  • gap-dependent filler wire control
  • control of two internal or external axes in a lateral and spacer direction
  • field illumination for zero gap
  • field bus and analog interfaces for controlling external axes
  • all standard joining geometries can be evaluated
  • standoff distance: 100 … 200 mm
  • standoff distance for zero gap detection: 55 mm
  • max. image rate: 2400 images/sec
  • max. image resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • vertical measurement resolution: 18…54 µm
  • lateral resolution: 13…30 µm
  • max. lateral image field: 12…30 mm
  • protection class: IP62, laser class 3B
  • dimensions of the Scheimpflug camera (WD100, WD150, WD200): 143 x 43 x 181 mm (WxDxH)
  • large LED camera (WD55): 140 x 52 x 180 mm (WxDxH)
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