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WeldMaster Track koaxial

WeldMaster Track coaxial

WeldMaster Track coaxial

The coaxial configuration is displayed when space in the process area of the laser welding machine is restricted and the joining position has to be measured just a few millimeters in front of the TCP. The Precitec YW52 or YW30 welding head has a beam splitter with optics and camera flange for the WeldMaster Track camera. Images are captured by the welding optics. The illumination, in the form of a laser profile line, is located on a bracket to save space. This configuration is especially suitable for radial and axial seams on round parts, e.g. gear wheels, coupling parts and differential gear wheels. The welding optics are usually mounted on axes designed specifically for fine positioning.

Configuration examples:
WeldMaster Track
WeldMaster Track coaxial
WeldMaster Track off-axis
  • minimal space requirement
  • high-precision position detection and control gap measurement
  • gap-dependent filler wire control
  • control of two internal or external axes in a lateral and spacer direction
  • field bus and analog interfaces for controlling external axes
  • all standard joining geometries can be evaluated
  • standoff distance based on welding optics
  • max. image rate: 2400 images/sec
  • max. image resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • vertical measurement resolution: >=20 µm
  • lateral resolution: >=10 µm
  • max. lateral image field: >=10 mm
  • protection class: IP62, laser class 3B
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