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WeldMaster Track

WeldMaster Track

WeldMaster Track

The WeldMaster Track function measures the position of the components to be joined and of the joint itself. The camera with illumination unit detects the precise joining position of the parts and transmits the data to the WeldMaster platform. This platform calculates the current position values and sends control signals to the translation axes of the welding head position controlled and at the right point in time. The system is able to detect various joining geometries, butt joints for example, even with zero gap, fillet weld in a lap joint, or T-joint. Various camera configurations can be selected, depending on the application.  

Configuration examples:
WeldMaster Track
WeldMaster Track coaxial
WeldMaster Track off-axis
  • high-precision position detection and control
  • gap measurement
  • gap-dependent filler wire control
  • control of two internal or external axes in a lateral and spacer direction
  • field illumination for zero gap
  • field bus and analog interfaces for controlling external axes
  • all standard joining geometries can be evaluated
  • field bus and analog interfaces for controlling 2 axes
  • standard interfaces to Precitec welding heads and axes
  • customer-specific interfaces to third-party axes
  • processing of encoder signals
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