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WeldMaster Scan&Track
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WeldMaster Scan&Track

WeldMaster Scan&Track

ScanTracker is the number one choice for difficult welding tasks under changing conditions, particular for body-in-white work. The YW52 welding head with integrated beam oscillator (Scan) coupled to the WeldMaster System (Track) in the coaxial configuration fulfills all process control and monitoring requirements.

ScanTracker measures the joining position in a lateral and spacer direction. Instead of an external axis, the integrated scanner mirror precisely controls the focal position along the measured joint. Additionally, the mechanically-controlled collimation lens compensates any change in the standoff distance. If, for example, the gap width or height changes as well as the position of the joint, the WeldMaster system in addition can overlay a high-frequency pendulum motion to the scanner mirror and thus increase the seam width. The WeldMaster also controls the laser power, which is freely-programmable, in synch with the pendulum motion.

The minimum lead times for the measurement, less than tenths of a second, and the application-adapted lateral and longitudinal energy distribution leave nothing to be desired when it comes to optimal process control. 

  • high-precision position detection and lateral control
  • integrated tracking of the focal position if the standoff distance changes
  • gap measurement and compensation with beam width control
  • freely programmable, synchronous control of the laser power
  • standoff distance based on welding optics
  • max. image rate: 2400 images/sec
  • max. image resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • vertical measurement resolution: >=20 µm
  • lateral resolution: >=10 µm
  • max. lateral image field: >=10 mm
  • max. scan frequency: 500 Hz
  • laser power control analog Out 0…10V, synchronous with double scan frequency
  • protection class: IP62, laser class 3B
  • total weight of ScanTracker: 15kg
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