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WeldMaster Inspect 2D/3D

WeldMaster Inspect 2D/3D

WeldMaster Inspect 2D/3D

The WeldMaster Inspect 3D (profile measurement) can be upgraded by a function for inspecting the surface of the welding bead. In addition to the profile line, the WD55 LED camera is equipped with a freely-configurable LED flash light, and delivers images with seam profile and surface data. Corresponding filters in the evaluation software look for the tiniest pores and irregularities in the seam, evaluating the seam profile at the same time. Comprehensive quality monitoring of the welding seam is thereby guaranteed.

Configuration examples:
WeldMaster Inspect
WeldMaster Inspect 3D
WeldMaster Inspect 2D/3D
  • detection of the tiniest pores and incomplete fusion
  • simultaneous measurement of the weld profile
  • can be combined with Tracking function
  • measurements simply adapted to the application
  • configurable and programmable LED illumination
  • customer-specific interfaces 
  • standoff distance: 55 mm
  • max. image rate: 2400 images/sec
  • max. image resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • vertical measurement resolution: 20 µm
  • lateral resolution: 10 µm
  • max. lateral image field: 10 mm
  • protection class: IP62, laser class 3B
  • dimensions: 140 x 52 x 180 mm (WxDxH)
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