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WeldMaster Inspect

WeldMaster Inspect

WeldMaster Inspect

The WeldMaster Inspect function measures and assesses the welding seam against specified quality criteria. Depending on setup, the camera with illumination unit detects the seam profile and optionally replicates the weld surface together with the surrounding joining parts at a high resolution. The WeldMaster platform processes the incoming image data, calculates profile and quality characteristics and compares them with the specified threshold values. The system sends any flaws detected to be displayed on the GUI, to predefined machine interfaces or to a repair station.

Configuration examples:
WeldMaster Inspect
WeldMaster Inspect 3D
WeldMaster Inspect 2D/3D
  • detection of the smallest welding errors
  • application-optimized illumination and image capture
  • recording of profile and surface data
  • all standard seam geometries can be evaluated
  • combined Track&Inspect function
  • visualization of finishing processes
  • standard interfaces to Precitec welding heads
  • standard interfaces for offset inspection cells
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