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Laser Welding Monitor
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Laser Welding Monitor LWM - system description

Laser Welding Monitor LWM - system description

The Laser Welding Monitor LWM is a real-time monitoring system for series production and it provides online quality-relevant information about laser welding seam. It detects changes to welding parameters, deviations in the welding joint and lack of fusion. The welding process finger print is determined via the reference values of the plasma, metal vapor, temperature or laser radiation and compared to running production signals and transferred in real time.

Configuration examples:
Laser Welding Monitor LWM - system description
Laser Welding Monitor LWM - integrated in welding head YW30
Laser Welding Monitor LWM - integrated in welding head YW52
Laser Welding Monitor LWM - in CO<sub>2</sub> welding head SP50R integrated
  • in-process monitoring system for solid-state, diode and CO2 lasers
  • self-sufficient real time measuring system
  • suitable for various welding processes (keyhole welding, heat conduction welding, pulse, CW laser)
  • provides exposure about welding depth, seam position, pores, splashes etc. in connection with the welding process
  • provides established process and possible error correction
  • contact-free signal recording and evaluation methods in line with the process
  • number of digital inputs / outputs: 16 each
  • number of programs / expanded to: 32/128 to 256
  • number of parallel processing data channels: max. 8
  • number of detectors: max. 16
  • sample rate of detectors: max. 40 kHz
  • detectors: temperature, back reflection, plasma, laser power (only for Precitec heads)
  • application examples: tailored blanks, body-in-white, drives, seats, halogen lamps, airbags
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