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Precitec booth at CIIF show

All-In-Light EdgeTec

Talking to customers: demonstration of the All-In-Light EdgeTec

live demonstration of LWM welding system on a robot arm

Presentation at the Chinese trade fair CIIF

The China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai is on of the biggest trade fairs this year. Precitec presented here two brand new products: The All-In-Light EdgeTec and the PierceTec technologies.

Equipped with the latest laser cutting technology, the All-In-Light EdgeTec is an all-rounder for high speeds and good quality in a wide range of thicknesses for steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. With the PierceTec technology integrated into the ProCutter an even more precise piercing result can be achieved. The cutting process is monitored and controlled.

In the field of joining technology the Laser Welding Monitor LWM was exhibited which is used for example in the automotive industry for the real-time monitoring of the welding process.

The All-In-Light EdgeTec with combined disk laser was one of the highlights at the CIIF show. The ability to flexibly switch between different thickness ranges with just one cutting head makes this technology revolutionary. 

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