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Our history
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Our history - A smart development

Precitec was founded in Baden-Baden in 1971. It was already our goal back then to always be a step ahead in the laser material processing market. Even today, that is still our motto and also the engine for our business development.

Our success

Satisfied customers, an excellent market presence and more than 200 of our own patents. Meanwhile, we sell out products at 22 locations, worldwide. The sales numbers speak for themselves: 15,000 cutting heads, 2,500 welding heads and 2,000 systems for welding process monitoring. For over 40 years, we have become the specialists for complex system solutions in laser processing and simultaneously, have become an attractive employer in the region. In 2000, we expanded out expertise in the area of optical measuring technology through the entry of Precitec Optronik into the group of companies. 

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