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Handling complicated production processes

 Specially developed CHRocodile sensors based on interferometrical and chromatic measuring procedure with the smallest measuring point. Regardless of solar glass or wafers, they precisely measure the gauge and surface structure all the way to the edge. The determination of form parameters, the topography of the contact finger, the simultaneous measurement of gauge and sawing grooves or gauge measurement in real time during the etching process - these are all measuring tasks that are easily completed. Their solid and simple design enables simple integration directly into the production process.

Product family CHRocodile 2 IT
Solar cell wafers inline contact-free measurement

Highest production quality at high cycle rates - this is what the optical sensors of the CHRocodile 2 IT family stand for. It is able to measure wafers and solar cells precisely inline, contact-free and from one side. The sensor can be easily integrated into the production process. Even measuring chemical etching in acid or brine is possible. The edge area of the wafer can be determined through the small measuring space of just a few micrometers. The measuring data is provided in real time by sensors with up to 4 kHz.

CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE
Finger height on solar cells

More than ever before, cost pressure is driving competition in the manufacture of solar cells while increasing quality requirements. For example, the measurement of finger heights and the geometry of conducting paths present the deciding measure for avoiding rejections and the reliability of product quality.
The CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE optical sensor is the ideal tool, thanks to its high dynamics, for topographically measuring various reflecting surface of the conducting paths in a precise manner - direct in the production process, but also under laboratory conditions.  
Three dimensional presentations of measuring results in connection with data export of various interfaces provide an exact picture of the quality of the production process and thus, allows for immediate correction of process parameters.

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