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Glass industry

Regardless of red, green, cold, hot…

 ...the sensors of the CHRocodile family measure the thickness and topography of glass of any color or surface structure. Application areas are extremely multifaceted here. CHRocodile sensors have become the industry standard in wall strength measurement of glass containers in inspection machines, gauge measurement of display glass and pipe glass. Even circular deviations of bottles, the wall strength of hot quartz pipes or function foil in pre-fabricated sandwiched layers can be easily determined. The sensor does not even get too hot at glass temperatures of 1,700 °C.

CHRocodile MPS
Contact-free wall gauge measurement of container glass

In the production of container glass, the high speed of non-contact measurement of wall thickness and roundness is particularly important. With the CHRocodile MPS 2L up to 24 independent channels can be used for the simultaneous non-contact measurement of distance and thickness. With 4500 measurements / second and a high optical efficiency, dark glass can also be precisely measured inline. The sensors convince at the hot and cold end by high-quality and robust measurements, in the laboratory and offline operation by highest accuracy.

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