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Coordinate metrology
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Measuring & Testing

Well-known manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines use CHRocodile sensors as supplements to tactile keys. First, this combination of two measuring principles enables the user to find the correct answer to the specifications of the respective measuring task. The high measuring speed reduces the measuring time of surface topography substantially. Even strongly slanted and polished surfaces are measured exactly. Our well-engineered technology is not only founded on the being the producer of coordinate measuring machines, but we are the leading provider of topographic 3-D systems for measuring layer gauges, roughness or levelness.

CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE
Chromatic confocal distance measurement for the highest demands

The manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines and topography measuring systems place great value on precision, quality and service. It is no wonder that leading companies use our sensors like the CHRocodile 2 SE in combination with measuring heads with high apertures. The reasons for this include the universally applicability of the sensors on all surfaces, the great precision, dynamics and high measuring speeds.

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