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Automotive Product recommendation

Handling complicated production processes

Our specially developed CHRocodile sensors based on interferometrical and chromatic measuring procedure with the smallest measuring point. Regardless of solar glass or wafers, the sensors precisely measure the gauge all the way to the edge. The determination of WARP and Edge Lift, the topography of the contact finger, the simultaneous measurement of gauge and sawing grooves or gauge measurement in real time during the etching process - these are all measuring tasks that are easily completed by our sensors. Their solid and simple design enables integration directly into the production process.

Product recommendation
CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE
CHRocodile 2S
  • high measuring speed
  • large graphic display
  • distance and topography
  • wide thickness measuring range
  • measurements on all surfaces
  • inline and offline
  • simple to integrate
  • maintenance free and robust
  • noncontact measurement
CHRocodile CLS
CHRocodile CLS
  • high speed
  • instantaneous profile measurement
  • interchangeable optical probes
  • inline inspection
  • distance and thickness
  • maintenance free and robust
  • easy to integrate
  • nondestructive measurement
CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE
CHRocodile IT TW
  • thin wafer
  • transparent and opaque plastic films
  • measurements from one side
  • inline and offline
  • high lateral resolution
  • maintenance-free & robust
  • simple to integrate
  • nondestructive measurement
  • wide measuring distance tolerance range
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