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Process monitoring
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Process monitoring during laser cutting

For automated systems in 24-hour operation, sensor and control technology is becoming increasingly important. Today, the modern user wants to be able to produce carefree in three-shift operation - without having to monitor the operating state manually. Sensor technology for process monitoring and control ensures compliance with the specified parameters and cutting qualities. Starting with absolute drift-free distance measurement, detection of protective glass contamination, monitoring of piercing and laser cutting process monitoring, a wide variety of sensors provide the necessary security for automated processes in highly productive plants.

Typical applications in laser cutting:

There is a risk that the cut interruptions when the process parameter deviates at higher cutting speeds and/or material strengths. The process adapter detects cutting interruptions and stops the machine to prevent subsequent damages and rejects. 

The monitor detects plasma generation and if the observed reading is outside normal limitations, the monitor will stop the process; indicating to the user an error. 

Product recommendation
Lens break sensor
Lens break sensor
  • online monitoring for CO2 lasers
  • detecting lens damages during the cutting process
  • increasing process reliability
Piercing sensor
Piercing sensor
  • online monitoring of the piercing and cutting processes for CO2 lasers
  • work with actual piercing times
  • detecting cutting tears
Distance measurement provides good cutting quality
Distance measurement provides good cutting qualities
  • for precise distance measurement at high cutting speeds
  • for CO2- and solid-state lasers
  • consisting of setting device and sensor application
  • extendable to automated control cycle
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