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Process monitoring
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Process monitoring for save production

Sensor technology is becoming more and more important in around the clock production in automated systems. Today, the user wants to be able to simply produce in three-shifts without personnel to monitor the system. Sensor technology for process monitoring and control provides adherence to the parameters and cutting qualities specified. Various sensors provide the necessary security for automated processes in highly-productive systems; starting with an absolutely drift-free distance, safety glass soiling detection, monitoring the plunging process to cutting process monitoring.  

Detecting of cut interruption in time

There is a risk that the cut interruptions when the process parameter deviates at higher cutting speeds and/or material strengths. The process adapter detects cutting interruptions just in time. Stopping the machine and/or repeat function can prevent subsequent damages and rejects. 

To the Product
Monitoring the cutting process

The cut quality is at risk if plasma builds in the die clearance. The process adapter detects plasma building in time and sends a command to stop the machine. The rejection of parts can be avoided by e.g. reducing the cutting feeder. 

Lens break sensor
Lens monitoring

A high-quality sensor system monitors the state of the CO2 lenses that are pressurized with high cutting gas pressure. It detects and reports errors that occur to the machine controls and provides immediate shut down of the laser and the cutting gas supply. Expensive rejects or consequential damage can thus be prevented, e.g. the effort to clean and readjust the beam path after a lens break. The monitoring systems have already successfully proven themselves in over 5000 systems.

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