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Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

The laser cutting of pipes and profiles takes place by combined rotation and longitudinal displacement of the workpiece, relative to the laser cutting head. Burr-free and clean cutting edges are only achieved if the desired distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is maintained with high accuracy at each pipe position. This is ensured by a fast control loop based on a head-integrated sensor and an independent z-axis. If the laser cutting head is additionally pivot mounted by means of tilting axes, then not only straight cutting edges but also beveled cuts can be produced. This allows particularly complex contours and smart plug-in connections of several workpieces. Generating a completely new design scope, in the construction industry and the production of furniture.

The workable material spectrum ranges from stainless steel to mild steel and light and non-ferrous metals. The wall thicknesses can be up to 15mm, while the pipe or profile length is limited only by the size of the system.

Precitec offers the right laser cutting system for all applications of pipe and profile cutting. Depending on the complexity of the contours, both 2D and 3D laser cutting heads come into question. Particularly compact sensors and nozzles also enable filigree and angled applications. Highly automated laser cutting systems benefit from systems with motorized focus adjustment and sensor-based monitoring and control functions. The laser cutting system thus makes a decisive contribution to the productivity and reliability of the system.

ProCutter – the cutting head for every task
Cutting nonferrous metals

Nonferrous metal can hardly be cut with CO2 due to its high reflectivity in the remote infrared spectrum range. The ProCutter with fiber laser can cut it easily. It is protected against stray back reflections. In addition, nonferrous metal absorbs the laser wavelengths of the fiber laser better, which makes the machining process more technically and economically interesting. 

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