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Robot cutting (3D)
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Laser cutting heads for robot cutting (3D)

Laser cutting on complex workpiece geometries is optionally carried out on 5-axis systems or robots. Thanks to their particularly simple beam guidance, fiber-guided lasers are generally used, especially in agile robot applications. The insufficient path accuracy of robots as well as part and positioning tolerances often require additional axis systems directly on the laser cutting head. While a z-axis controls the distance to the workpiece, small cutting contours are traced with high precision by additional xy axes. The laser cutting systems are often part of complex production lines under difficult environmental conditions. The operators place high demands on the interference resistance and the ease of maintenance of the laser cutting heads.

Wide applications receive 3D laser cutting systems, especially in the automotive industry. Today robot-guided laser cutting is the flexible and highly productive method for machining high-strength body parts and profiles - for example, for inserting openings for the roof rails and antenna. From rigid stamping to flexible laser cutting - welcome to modern industrial production.

Precitec offers perfectly adapted solutions for 3D laser cutting. The compact and weight-optimized design resulted in high dynamics and great freedom of movement. Depending on the application, internal or external axis systems as well as various communication interfaces are available. Stability, ease of use and maintenance follow the typical high Precitec standards.

Product recommendation
  • high cutting speeds even with complex 3D components
  • integrated Z axis
  • minimized interfering contour
  • slim design
  • highly dynamic
  • completely sealed design
Cutting System FormCutter Plus
FormCutter Plus
  • precise cutting pre-programmed contours
  • programmable X/Y axis
  • distance control with integrated Z axis
  • very high path accuracy
  • stand-alone-system or robot application
Cutting head DS1.5″
Cutting Head DS1.5″
  • for bevel cutting and 3D applications
  • faster focal length change via the cartridge system
  • integrated monitoring functions
Cutting head YK52
Cutting head YK52
  • cutting thin sheet metal
  • for large beam diameter
  • small spot size
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