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In-Process Wafer Step Height Measurement

Non-contact and non-desctructive optical measuring in the nanonmeter range. During the grinding process the wafer thickness needs to be controlled in real time. A non-contact, optical measurement technology is the ideal solution to monitor the wafer thickness in-process. Optical technology also enables profiling of chip-on-wafer and MEMS during grinding.

Whitepaper Spring 2019


如今,激光是工业制造中常见的工具,从减材制造到增材 制造,从激光切割到激光焊接,实现了广泛的工业应用。当前,生产的主题围绕“数字化”和“工业4.0”等关键词。在这种情况下,激光起到了主导作用,因为它可以采用非接触 式工艺直接从数字模型生产部件。这一独特功能为使用智能设 备监控工艺过程提供了契机,这也是工业4.0 的关键问题。传感器技术是智能工厂、预测性维护以及过程控制的主 导技术。将机器元件转换为智能网络物理系统需要智能传感器 的集成和过程监控。开发传感器系统,尤其是针对这一工业领 域的传感器系统,是普雷茨特(Precitec)的主要业务之一。

Laser welding using optical coherence tomography

Nowadays the laser is a conventional tool used in industrial manufacturing for a wide variety of applications, from subtractive to additive, from cutting to welding. A major topic in production today is digitalisation and Industry 4.0. In this context the laser is playing a dominant role, because it is possible to produce a part directly from a digital model by contactless processing. This unique feature allows monitoring processes with smart devices, which is a key issue of Industry 4.0.

Spring 2019 - The "Laser User" Magazine


PCB-Separation: Controlling ultrashort pulse laser using chromatic-confocal sensors

Neu-Isenburg (Germany), 5.9.2016

When chips are disassembled, a process known as depaneling, precision down to the micrometer is required in both processing and positioning. The depanelling system, built by iC-automation, meets this challenge with a combination of confocal optical measuring sensors and an ultrashort pulse laser made by TRUMPF.

Link Laser Community - The Laser Magazine from TRUMPF

3D surface measuring machine/profilometer

Optical Sensors conquer 3D Surface Measuring Machines

Neu-Isenburg (Germany), 4.7.2016

How does the 3D measurement of electronic components work? At first glance, the measuring machines used here look like their relatives from the mechanical world, the high-end coordinate measuring machines. Yet much is different and it starts with the name: We speak of 3D surface measurement systems for microelectronics or microsystems technology, for precision engineering or for the tool industry; and the all-rounders among these can offer several sensor systems. Optical sensors are taking over the lion’s share of the measuring tasks.

Up to four different measuring systems can be found on the sensor carriers of the cyberTECHNOLOGIES 3D surface measurement device.

Application Story

Ultrashort-Puls Laser Depaneling of Assembled Circuit Boards

Depaneling circuit boards by means of stamping, mechanical sawing or milling there is a risk of traces of smoke covering the cutting surfaces. This is a sign of thermal stress and high temperatures. Sensitive components can thereby be harmed. Ultrashort-pulse laser systems are prove to be a good alternative. Highly accurate CHRocodile sensors are used to control the focusing of height of the laser for optimal depaneling using ultrashort laser pulses.


Ultrakurzpulslaser in der Nutzentrennung

LASER 01/16  (Trade Magazine, German)

Contactless 3D measurement with latest multi-point sensors

Heye International’s Mark Ziegler and Gerd Schütz discuss the importance of wall thickness measurement in the high speed manufacture of lightweight glass containers and the use of Chrocodile chromatic confocal sensors from Precitec Optronik GmbH in Heye cold end inspection machines.

Contactless 3D measurement with latest multi-point sensors



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