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High quality telecommunications products, ...

... such as mobile phones, tablets and also many consumer electronics products combine metals and glass more and more ingeniously. In large scale or mass production these components must be measured reliably at high cycle speeds. As the products are also mostly very delicate, optical contact-free measuring systems offer great advantages here. Optical sensors ensure that all parts are perfectly aligned during assembly. For measurement procedures, the parts must not be touched. Precitec sensors are ideally suitable for dynamic, inline measurements. With line sensors a measuring line replaces the traditional measuring point, which considerably speeds up topography measurements.

Measuring watch components

In watchmaking the smallest mechanical component of a clock can be inspected and measured in 3D. A line scanner CHRocodile CLS is used to do this. It can supply high resolution topographs very quickly. A chromatic measuring system is available for special applications that is co-ordinated with the measurement of micromechanical watch components. It combines a video system with a chromatic confocal measuring system within one joint optics system. The measuring system guarantees axial resolutions of less than a micron. The video system gives a direct view of the measured structure by the measuring optic.

CHRocodile CLS




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