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Noncontact measurement of central lens thickness

The production of high-quality optical lenses from glass or polymer materials is subject to tight specification tolerances. Critical lens parameters such as central thickness have to be monitored frequently, during the production process. A noncontact, fast and precise optical measuring setup based upon a confocal chromatic probe can be used to measure central lens thickness ranging from 30 μm up to 25 mm.


Optical Measurement / CHRocodile SE
Jun 2005 - magazine "GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY" - 78/2005

Coaxial interferometric measuring of layer thickness

A new high resolution coaxial sensor enables non-contact measuring of the thickness of transparent layers in a range of 2 to 250 μm. With its high sampling rate the sensor is also used for scanning measurements. The thickness of multiple individual layers in a layer system can be determined simultaneously in one measurement. With a special measuring head the sensor can be used for distance measurements.


Optical Measurement / CHRocodile E
March 2000 - magazine "Photonik" - 3/2000

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