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Laser surface modifications in steel industry

Components used in the manufacture of steel strip work in exceptionally aggressive environments and have to withstand service at high temperatures in corrosive atmospheres under mechanical wear and frequent and heavy impact loading. Conventionally, components that are subject to high wear or corrosion have often been manufactured from rich chemistry steels or hardfaced using submerged arc clad martensitic stainless steels to increase their campaign life and therefore maximise line throughput by extending maintenance intervals without any sacrifice to product quality.  

Laser welding / laser cladding / YC52

May 2013 - magazine "Laser Technik Journal“ - 03/2013

Wall thickness measurement for non-round ware

Heidi Olson describes an optical probe, designed by Precitec Optronik for the wall thickness measurement of non-round containers. Using a specialized optical design, the probe enables measurement at angles more than double that possible with other techniques. This is advantageous for both rotating measurement of non-rounds, as well wall thickness determination on highly decorated containers.

CHRocodile M4
Jan 2013 - magazine "GLASS WORLDWIDE" - 45/2013

Round, compact, light and good value!

No, this is not an article about pencils, ballpoint pens or kitchen rolls! Instead, Dr. Jochen Schulze discusses optical probes, Precitec Optronik having successfully been established in non-tactile thickness metrology for the glass container industry for many years. The technology is also suitable for the measurement of other glass types. 

CHRocodile M4
Nov /Dez 2011 - magazine "GLASS WORLDWIDE" - 38/2011

Weld spot in the limelight

The camera of Precitec’s coaxial LPF seam tracking system directly observes carroof seams through the welding optics. In the example described here, two line generators positioned on top of one another create two light stripes that run perpendicular to the weld about 3 to 5 mm in front of and behind the weld spot. 

Laser welding / process monitoring / LPF

May / June 2011 - magazine "Welding and Cutting" - 03/2011 

Intelligent high-power welding head

For the challenging task of welding variable joint positions, the tools of choice are intelligent welding heads, which measure the position of the joint in order to place the weld seam at the correct position. 


Laser welding / process monitoring / ScanTracker

May 2010 - magazine "TUBE & PIPE TECHNOLOGIES" - 03/2010 

Smart laser welding heads provide excellent quality

concerted functionality enables high productivity and efficiency

Equipped with pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, single-mode fibre lasers and “conventional” CO2 lasers, the BBW Lasertechnik GmbH in Prutting, Upper Bavaria, tackles cutting, drilling, inscribing and welding tasks. BBW mainly processes sophisticated small components in stainless steel, spring band steel, steel and aluminium. 


Laser welding / process monitoring / LWM 

Sep 2009 - magazine "LASER TECHNIK JOURNAL" - 05/2009 

Fine cutting system with new features

The fine cutting system with integrated camera monitoring, from Precitec, Germany, can be used for high-precision applications that require laser performances of up to 500W. 


Laser cutting / micro processing / FineCutter

May 2009 - magazine "TUBE & PIPE TECHNOLOGIES" - 03/2009 

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