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CHRocodile LR

CHRocodile LR

CHRocodile LR

The proven optical sensor CHRocodile LR is perfectly suitable for non-contact measurement of topography and layer thickness. The sensor implements two different measuring procedures and thus makes gauge measurements of 30 µm to 1200 µm possible and distance measurements with a lateral resolution in the sub-micro meter range. The strong light source and exceptional high dynamic and the excellent signal/noise ratio provide the best measuring result on various strongly reflecting and very slanted surfaces.

  • distance and layer gauge
  • especially high lateral resolution
  • measuring on all surfaces
  • inline and offline
  • simple integration
  • damage-free measurement
  • solid
  • automatic light control
  • pilot laser
  • measurements/second: 4000 (chromatic and interferometric)
  • interferometric measuring range: 16 µm - 2000 µm;
  • chromatic measuring range: orientates itself with the measuring head used
  • resolution: 10-7 x max. measuring range (23 bit)
  • reproducibility: 10-4 x max. measuring range
  • synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronization output, 3 encoder input
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