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HP2″ / HP2″M
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Cutting head HP2″

Cutting head HP2″

The HP2″ cutting head is applied universally in modern sheet metal production in flatbed and pipe cutting systems with CO2 lasers. The proved cartridge change system makes switching pre-adjustable cartridge fast and easy and makes cutting alternating work piece gauge and types of material possible - ideal for job shop operation.

Configuration examples:
Cutting head HP2″
Cutting head HP2″ M
  • constant, high cutting speeds at any operating temperature
  • short changeover time with quick change of the focal length with receipt of the TCP
  • larger lens diameter
  • pre-adjusted focusing optics
  • perfect for job shop operation
  • work with actual piercing times via piercing monitoring
  • lens break sensor detects damage to the focus lens as well as larger spatters
  • max. laser power: 8 kW
  • focal lengths: 5″ / 7.5″ / 10″ optional
  • lens diameter: 2″
  • max. free aperture: 46 mm
  • vertical adjustment range: -18 to +10 mm (with focal lengths of 5″: -10 to +10 mm)
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