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Glass industry

Regardless of red, green, cold, hot…

 ...the sensors of the CHRocodile family measure the thickness and topography of glass of any color or surface structure. Application areas are extremely multifaceted here. CHRocodile sensors have become the industry standard in wall strength measurement of glass containers in inspection machines, gauge measurement of display glass and pipe glass. Even circular deviations of bottles, the wall strength of hot quartz pipes or function foil in pre-fabricated sandwiched layers can be easily determined. The sensor does not even get too hot at glass temperatures of 1,700 °C.

CHRocodile M4
Contact-free wall gauge measurement of container glass

With the production of container glass, high speed during contact-free measurement of wall strength and roundness are especially important. The CHRocodile M4 sensor, with it s up to four integrated measuring heads, can deliver 4000 measurements/second in different positions on the test sample.  Even non-round articles are measured thanks to the high performance of the non-wearing measuring head. Since the spot size is only a few hundredths of a millimeter in diameter, even the smallest failure is discovered in the glass. Additional calibration is not required. The sensors ensure high-quality and solid measurements inline on hot and cold ends, in the laboratory and offline mode thanks to the highest precision. The CHRocodile M4 is the standard in the glass industry.

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