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Flatbed cutting
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Flatbed cutting for all performance classes

 Flatbed cutting or 2D cutting is the most widely used application in laser cutting. Portal machines are equipped with two positioning axes and on Z axis for the compensation of various distances between the work piece and cutting head. They machine flat material of various gauges from steel, stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metal with large dynamics and high cutting speeds. Thereby, common CO2 lasers, as well as fiber-guided solid-state lasers are used. Precitec offers custom solutions for the cutting head and distance sensors for various machining concepts. From the simplest processing head for manual loaded systems to full-equipped with motorized focus position adjustment, monitoring and process sensor system is available for every suitable cutting head specification.

Cutting head HP1.5″
Cutting mild steel with CO2 laser

Flame cutting of mild steel with larger sheet metal gauge is a classic application for CO2 lasers. Cutting 25-30 mm mild steel is included in the performance spectrum of a flexible flatbed cutting machine. The HP 1.5″ and HP2″ cutting heads have been used for this application for many years.

ProCutter – the cutting head for every task
Dynamic cutting of dynamo sheet metal

The ProCutter shows its advantage with thin dynamo sheet metal or magnetic sheet metal: The head is resistant to high acceleration and jerk values and thus saves cycle time. The flexible machining of various forms and variable batch sized with high-productivity are the decisive advantages over conventional die cutting. 

Cutting mild steel with solid-state lasers

The solid-state laser achieves good cutting quality when fusion cutting a material gauge of 12 mm. Flame cutting of mild steel with larger material gauges is becoming more popular as well. The additional energy of the exothermal reaction of iron with oxygen makes it possible to separate greater material gauges. The ProCutter head machines up to 30 mm mild steel with good quality during industrial production.

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